That’s how it works, right?

I noticed a particularly long eyebrow hair jutting from my brow during my drive this morning. A few attempts were made at stoplights to either tame it into line with the rest of the brow or pluck it for trying to stand out. I was unsuccessful mid drive to remove it, so rather than create an accident I waited until I got to my desk so I could deal with this nonconformist strand with my full attention.

Even then, I spent much of the morning trying to grasp it and yank it from its home in my brow, but it continued to hold firm. Granted, this wasn’t the only thing I did this morning, but it did put a dent in my Monday productivity. After many frustrated attempts, I successfully managed to pull it free.

And then, at that moment of victory, a small voice in my head says, “if you eat it, you will absorb its power.”

While that is odd enough, what I find more odd is that another voice didn’t pop up advising me not to share this information to the general public.

No, I didn’t eat it.


I could use the power surge right now.

I’ve done this before

All in all, I’d say this is the fifth time I’ve restarted a blog/website.

No, make that six. Back in the way early days of blogging, I had a blogspot blog. After some careful searching I was able to find it again, and of the two posts visible one basically says I decided to delete all my posts and start over again. It seems like I have a track record for the scorched earth policy when it comes to my internet presence.

Much of what I wrote before has been lost except for what can be found in the internet wayback machine. What can’t be found there has pretty much been lost altogether due to hard drive failures, lost thumb drives, and just poor planning on my part to backup my work (one reason why the scorched earth policy has not been a successful one).

Not that it matters. I view this as an opportunity for a clean slate.

Keep watching this space. More to follow.