Ear Rumbling

Tensor_tympani-muscleEar Rumbling is the voluntary control of your Tensor Tympani muscle in your ears. I never knew this was a rare ability, I’ve been ear rumbling ever since I was a kid. Back in my younger days I would do it during class thinking that it was the beginning stages of telekinesis and that if I concentrated hard enough I could move things with my mind (I got bored in school a lot). I never managed to make anything move with my mind, no matter how hard I was rumbling my ears.

If I do it for too long it gives me a slight ache behind my eyes because I have to strain some of the muscles in my neck and face to make it work with my eyes open.

Now that I think about it, I must’ve looked pretty stupid in class, straining my face and neck as I stared at the pencil sharpener in Mrs. Gordon’s class in third grade, trying to make that damn handle spin.


I’ve done this before

All in all, I’d say this is the fifth time I’ve restarted a blog/website.

No, make that six. Back in the way early days of blogging, I had a blogspot blog. After some careful searching I was able to find it again, and of the two posts visible one basically says I decided to delete all my posts and start over again. It seems like I have a track record for the scorched earth policy when it comes to my internet presence.

Much of what I wrote before has been lost except for what can be found in the internet wayback machine. What can’t be found there has pretty much been lost altogether due to hard drive failures, lost thumb drives, and just poor planning on my part to backup my work (one reason why the scorched earth policy has not been a successful one).

Not that it matters. I view this as an opportunity for a clean slate.

Keep watching this space. More to follow.